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Extra Virgin Olive Oil - Can 3 liters

Extra Virgin Olive Oil - Can 3 liters
3 liters
Extra Virgin Olive Oil - Can 3 liters
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Choose from our Lines, the Extra Virgin Olive Oil that suits you best!

OIL: This extra virgin olive oil is a blend of cultivars, the flagship of our Frantoio's production. Medium fruity bouquet, with hints of fresh olives and grass. Characterized by a slightly bitter taste and a delicate final spiciness. Enhances the taste of any dish without covering the flavors. We recommend tasting it raw with vegetable purée, white meats, fresh salad, fish carpaccio.

ARDORE: Coratina single variety extra virgin olive oil with an intense aroma and a marked scent of fresh fruit and artichoke. The taste is bitter and spicy, strong and decisive, it adds flavor, aroma and complexity to the dish. We recommend pairing with legumes, soups, soups, red meats and bruschetta.

N'ALIA: Extra virgin olive oil obtained exclusively from the Ogliarola Salentina cultivar. Slightly fruity with hints of sweet almond, the taste is sweet with a little bitter and spicy. It is a delicate oil, which does not cover the flavors, ideal as a reinforcement for hot and cold sauces. Excellent in combination with salads, pinzimonio, barley soups, pizza, fried foods and pastries.

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