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Leccine olives in brine - 550 g jar

Leccine olives in brine - 550 g jar
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Leccine olives in brine - 550 g jar
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Distinctive note

Leccino quality olives are typical of Puglia and particularly suitable to be enjoyed as table olives. Harvested at the right degree of ripeness, the olives are washed, selected and immersed, for a shorter or longer time, in a solution of water, unrefined salt and lemon juice to become sweet and tantalizing and to free them from excess bitterness.

Tasty and delicious, they are ideal for serving a perfect aperitif, to enrich appetizers, to flavor salads, fish or meat dishes.

Ingredients: Leccino olives (67%), water, unrefined salt, lemon juice.

Storage tips: once opened, keep refrigerated.

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