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N'Alia - Extra Virgin Olive Oil 250 ml

N'Alia - Extra Virgin Olive Oil 250 ml
250 ml
N'Alia - Extra Virgin Olive Oil 250 ml
€ 7.00
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Distinctive note

Extra virgin olive oil from olives harvested in the plain of millennial olive trees of Ostuni.

The extraction of N'Alia takes place cold and with continuous cycle, a few hours after collection. The result is an extra virgin olive oil of superior category monovarietal Ogliarola Salentina. Filtered oil.

Taste olfactory examination: intense, excellent quality, hints of fresh fruit (cut grass, tomato, apple, thistle). The taste is sufficiently balanced; sweet with little bitter and spicy. Harmonic finish in the mouth.

Suggested pairings: fresh salad, pinzimonio, barley soups, pizza, fried food, pastries. A delicate oil, not covering, ideal as a support of hot and cold sauces.

Harvesting campaign: 2020/21

Bottle size: 250 ml

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