What better news to start telling about AgriOlea in this space dedicated to news, events and awards, we are pleased to inform you that two of our oils, N'Alia (monovarietal from Ogliarola Salentina) and Ardore (monovarietal from Coratina) have received the recognition of the 4 Drops from the Fondazione Italiana Sommelier.

We are present in the Bibenda 2021 Guide among the best extra virgin olive oils in Italy. A goal that makes us very proud, confident that we have chosen the right path, the path of quality.

The oil and its production have always been the subject of great interest, but the concept of quality is not very clear to everyone. Our mission is to convey the taste and curiosity of knowledge, so that you can appreciate the complicated work behind an excellent oil.

To make all this possible was a visionary choice, giving priority to the personal and staff training of AgriOlea because we must never stop studying and discussing, the spread of culture, whatever it is, must always be supported.

AWe have invested in cultivation in the field, in production technologies, in transformation, storage, in packaging to make our product elegant and pleasing to your sight, in communication and then lighting, to make you participate in our world, to guide you through the presence of two oil sommeliers in the company to taste our oils and to match them with food.

Password: Spreading the culture of extra virgin olive oil.