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Our Cultivars

AgriOlea extra virgin olive oil is obtained from the cultivation of the typical cultivars of our area:
Coratina, Frantoio, Leccino and Ogliarola Salentina and Picholine.


Coratina is one of the most widespread varieties in Puglia. We obtain a monovarietal oil that expresses unique qualities, with very precise organoleptic characteristics with a strong olfactory intensity and prevalent notes of bitterness. A cultivar with a strong and decisive taste.


This variety is appreciated for its productivity and for the organoleptic qualities which characterize the oil obtained from its fruits. A very fresh oil which has intense fruity notes and nuances of fresh grass, artichoke and green almond. It has a light fruity flavor, elegant, its sweet taste gradually transforms manifesting light spicy tones.


Olives of the Leccino variety produce an oil of medium intensity, with a slightly bitter and spicy aftertaste. This variety is defined as "dual-purpose", because the olives are used to produce oil or as table olives, useful for the classic Apulian aperitifs.

Ogliarola Salentina

Ogliarola Salentina has a light fruity taste, more intense than Leccino and less than Coratina. It releases pleasant hints of almond, the taste is full-bodied and pleasant, with balanced hints of bitter and spicy. It is a product which meets the taste of consumers looking for an oil which is too "invasive".


This is the most widespread oil cultivar in France, but its adaptability has allowed it to spread to Puglia, in different atmospheric conditions. Used mainly as a table olive, it gives an oil of excellent quality, fresh fruitiness quite intense, on the palate it reveals a balanced bitterness and pungency.

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