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From ancient olive trees to your table

We are in Puglia, on the border between the Murgia and Salento, in a hilly area overlooking the sea, not far from Ostuni. A place appreciated and known throughout the world for its climate, traditions, dry stone walls and for the beauty of the centuries-old olive trees capable of producing a remarkable extra virgin olive oil.

What we live and work in is one of the oldest and most evocative agricultural landscapes in the world. Trees sculpted by time and by man over the centuries, olive trees that are real living natural sculptures, witnesses of the history and culture of Puglia.

Extra virgin olive oil from the heart of Puglia

The farm and mill AgriOlea consists of several hectares of olive groves, some centuries old, surrounded by the plain of millennial olive trees.
It is in this specific geographic area that, thanks to the climatic characteristics, the type of soil and the influence of the sea breezes during all seasons, precious and tasty olives are obtained from which we obtain the AgriOlea extra virgin olive oil.

We take care of our olive groves with traditional methods skillfully combined with modern technologies, this makes our reality a small but successful farm, in step with the times and constantly attentive to the protection of crops and the product.

100% Italian extra virgin olive oil

The olives we use to produce our extra virgin olive oil come exclusively from our own olive groves. Buying our oil therefore means having the certainty of bringing to the table all the genuineness and goodness of a 100% italian oil.

The millenary olive trees of Puglia

The production of extra virgin olive oil from Puglia goes hand in hand with the millenary history. The same olive tree inserted on a coin for the first time by the emperor Trajan today we find it as a symbol of the Puglia region. 
The olive tree has always been a symbol of peace and wisdom, very high honors were recognized. In Classical Greece we discover the golden age of oil and with the expansion of Roman power the food use of oil begins to develop.

In the province of Brindisi, Ostuni is considered one of the countries with the greatest production of oil, thanks to the large extension of olive groves that have remained intact over the centuries, which are believed to have been planted by the Saracens during the raids and domination that took place between the VIII and IX. century AD, this led Ostuni to be called "Queen of Olives".

In our lands you will observe majestic millenary olive trees of rare beauty, with imposing trunks, twisted on themselves (a phenomenon linked to the earth's rotation) that even after many centuries regenerate the foliage. They have adapted to the nature of the territory formed by a very thin layer of red earth, and then get to the rock where they find water.

Recent studies on some specimens lead back to an age of two thousand five hundred years. It is fascinating to think that our extra virgin olive oil comes from the same plants that gave oil to the Messapians and then to the Romans. Here relives the atmosphere of the past that makes this corner of Puglia famous.

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