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Visits and Tastings

We tell you about AgriOlea's oil

In every bottle of AgriOlea extra virgin olive oil is contained all the essence of our olive trees, the passion for a job that knows no rest and the desire to take care of our well-being and that of our customers by spreading the importance of proper nutrition.

We will welcome you in a warm and familiar atmosphere, in a characteristic environment where you can taste and choose between the different types of extra virgin olive oils we produce.

Two oil sommeliers will guide you in sensory analysis, so that you can recognize the personality, the quality of a good oil, and then establish the right food-oil combination that should not cover but harmonize with the dish itself.

We will show you that a noble product such as extra virgin olive oil can be used in pastries (a new frontier), we will talk about the importance of frying in extra virgin olive oil and to surprise you, we will transform an oil into something new and trendy, as well as tell you about the oil list.

Apulian Evo oil tasting

Extra virgin olive oil is the unmistakable protagonist of Mediterranean cuisine, simple but rich in genuine flavors and beneficial properties, for this reason it is essential to know how to recognize an excellent quality oil. To fully understand the characteristics of the oil, AgriOlea offers guided tastings during which to reveal all the secrets on the production of Apulian olive oil, its conservation and best use and to spend a couple of pleasant and tasty hours together!

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